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Passionate about design and nature

Like our Standard Kauri Station,  this double track station has been designed to be placed at the entrance of urban tracks where water or premix is easy to access the station. 


Hikers are able to remove any dirt on their boots on the brushes mounted to the floor grating, before stepping onto the foot treadle, which triggers it to spray a fine mist of diluted Sterigene (a chemical which disinfects and kills bacterial organisms) onto the soles of their shoes. If their boots are caked in mud, hikers can sit on the provided seats and use a hand brush and drench gun to remove any excess dirt before disinfecting with Sterigene.  

DOC’s public usage study shows a massive 98% compliance by visitors both on the way in and out of the Tane Mahuta trail since installing the station as opposed to a previous 30%.


  • Configured to pump and spray a 50:1 premix. 

  • Handrails for balance whilst scrubbing, disinfecting shoes and guiding pedestrians.

  • Double brush system - each brush can be rotated 90 degrees at a time for prolonged wear.

  • Simple bolt together assembly with anti-theft screws. Average assembly time is 2 hours.

  • Two person lift - moulded handles in base for lift assistance. 

  • Moulded grips on steps for anti-slip.

  • Grating easily lifted for cleaning access.

  • Optional: Tank option for 500L water storage.

  • Optional: Aux waste-water collection holding tank. Above or below ground.

  • Base collects any infected matter. 

  • Seated cleaning with handbrush and Sterigene gun for excess dirt removal.

Biosec single station
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