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Industrial Disinfectant Station

Industrial Disinfectant Station

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Designed for food processing plants  [dairy factories, pack houses, industrial bakeries etc], this industrial disinfection station is a compact solution to prevent any unwanted biosecurity risks at production entry and exit points, which is a crucial part of health and safety.

​Designed for indoor use (or short-term outdoor use) where mud and dirt isn't a factor, this station allows people to clean their shoes efficiently and effectively by providing a step on/off self-contained unit.

When employees or factory visitors step onto the foot treadle, it  triggers it to spray a fine mist of diluted disinfectant onto the soles of their shoes. This station works with numerous chemicals so please contact us to ensure your sanitiser of choice is compatible. 



  • Premix pump

  • Single treadle

  • Collects all infected dirt/residue in the base

  • Any bottle of disinfectant can be directly plumbed to the unit

  • Base can be used purely as a walk through disinfection bath

  • Base can be easily cleaned 

  • Pour spout to tip out any infected water/sump material

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