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Passionate about design and nature

Like our Standard Kauri Station,     this single track station has been designed to be placed at the entrance of NZ forest tracks to prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback Disease. 

Designed for tracks with space restrictions on their access ways or entrances, these stations are much narrower. This single track station provides a two way directional entry/exit with MPI compliant double brush and single treadle system. 


Hikers are able to remove any dirt on their boots on the brushes mounted to the foot treadle before standing on it which triggers it to spray a fine mist of diluted Sterigene (a chemical which disinfects and kills bacterial organisms) onto the soles of their shoes.


  • Handrails for balance whilst scrubbing and disinfecting shoes

  • Rotating double brush system - each brush can spin and is sprayed with Sterigene every push of the treadle.

  • Simple bolt together assembly.

  • Two person lift - moulded handles in base for lift assistance. 

  • Moulded grips on steps for anti-slip.

  • Grating easily lifted for cleaning access.

  • Base can be water storage up to 200L. 

  • Base collects any infected matter. 

  • Additional handbrush and Sterigene gun for excess dirt removal. 

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