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Passionate about design and nature

Designed to protect our forests from harmful organisms and microbes being carried on our mountain bikes, this concept station allows users to scrub and wash down their bikes efficiently and effectively before and after riding the forest trails. 

Walkers and riders are able to remove dirt or seeds from their boots on the foot scrapers and brush mounted to the floor grating.  They can then use the premix drench-guns, which use a Sterigene based disinfectant, on the soles of their hiking boots/mountain biking shoes. This will kill any potentially harmful organisms and microbes that could be spread to the forest.



  • Handrails and seat for balance while scrubbing shoes.

  • Floor mounted brush system - can be rotated 90 degrees for prolonged use. 

  • Simple bolt together assembly.

  • Multi-purpose cleaning stand to suit all bike sizes/shapes. 

  • Handbrush with scraper to assist with very dirty boots.

  • Sterigene based premixed disinfecting drench gun for boots.

  • Handbrush and drench-gun to clean bike.

  • Dirt shield to catch any splatter/spray whilst cleaning bikes.

  • Base traps any dirt and foreign objects

  • Wooden ramp MTB  access for ride on/ride off ease.

  • Grating can be easily lifted for cleaning the base sump.  

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