Coming Soon

We've been working on some variations on the Kauri Dieback Hygiene stations to tailor them to different environments.  Please get in contact if you would like to know more about any of these.

Biosec Render- ARC Double.jpg

This roofless station works well in urban areas where access to running water for refilling the station is easy.  It can also be transported assembled for use at events where shoe hygiene is important. Can be configured with our standard auto-mixing pump or with our new premix pump to give you the widest range of options. Available now by special order.

Still at the prototype stage, this single track station is designed to eliminate cross contamination with people walking through in either direction. Small enough to fit on a back country track and can be fitted with a roof to make it self contained for water. 

Biosec Render- ARC Single.jpg
Biosec Render- Bodco.jpg

Perfect for food preparation areas and industrial applications, our new treadle tub can spray the disinfectant of your choice.  Easy to set up and portable. Available now by special order